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NameJaishree Khamesra & Family
Posted on25-05-2013
CommentsWithout your help doing ‘Double-Decker Root Bridge’ would be impossible. Batskhem the guide, took care of my 5 year old son in climbing up and down, He plucked some berries-(unripe green fig kind of berries), which my younger kept throwing and forgot that he is walking and tired.
Hospitality- all of your staff is ever helpful, smiling and look energetic and cheerful. Here for the first time I realised that Yes, employees do look like a family not servants.


NameVinod Hari
Posted on22-04-2013
CommentsA wonderful holiday experience for the whole family- magnificent sceneries & natural wonders and treks, great food almost like home-cooked, very friendly and helpful staff and a personal touch to everything given by the hosts, Mr. Denis & his family. Altogether an unbeatable combination. Very glad we came to Cherrapunjee Holiday Resort.


Posted on02-11-2013
PlaceCopenhagen, Denmark
CommentsI’m trying to find the right words to express this delightful experience. It has honestly been a magical stay, a breeze of familiar warmth from you all, a genuinely helpful hand always stretched out to me, honest smiles and memorable laughters and on, the best Honey and Pancakes south of France. I have loved every second of my stay here and hope to see you all again. Thank you so very much.


NameEllie Ferguson, Columbia University Grad Student
Posted on30/1/2013
PlaceNew York, USA
CommentsThank You for welcomeing us back so warmly! We enjoyed our 3rd visit to the Resort as much(if not more) as our first. The staff are so helpful and they make the place very comfortable. Our geologic work gets more interesting every day we spend in this magical place- hope to be back for years to come.


NameGabriele & Michael Schaarschmidt
Posted on04-08-2013
CommentsWe found here a little paradise- beautiful nature and warm hospitality.


NameChinmay Basu
Posted on26/12/12
CommentsIt is a very calm, quite place to enjoy the beauty of the East Khasi Hills and its surroundings. The charts on the geographical specialities of Cherrapunjee is of much academic interest. We were also take care of very nicely and we specially would like to thank Mr. Rayen for his wonderful effort in building this place admist the serene beauty of Cherrapunjee. I will definitely like to come again to this place again.


Posted on11-12-2012
CommentsIt was a great experience staying in Cherrapujee Holiday Resort. It is a gateway to the bio-engineering wonders- “Living Root Bridges”. People are very welcoming and polite. The best thing about the resort is the common central area. It provides easy access to interacting with different people from different countries


NameMrs. Duripannita & Mr. Sujoy Sinha
Posted on12-11-2012
CommentsThe warm welcome as we entered the resort has obviously delighted us; the lovely local cuisine was delicious and they take extra care to let us know what it is made of. We took the trek to the Living Root bridge, a spectacular place indeed. The steps we took together (myself & my husband) have a deep impact on our lives as well; many more steps to take together in a journey of life. The peaceful homely atmosphere is quite soothing and relaxing. We will definitely remember this trip and share this experience with our friends.


NameMujdat M. Sonmez
Posted on12-05-2012
CommentsIt is a dream come true for me to be in Cherrapunjee ever since I first saw the living root bridges in HUMAN PLANET (a BBC programme). But it is not only the beauty of the nature here; the hospitality, the professionality, the food, the cleanliness, the abundance of information for visitors were all unforgettable. I was told I am the first Turkish person here, I hope you’ll have dozens more to come, I’ll do my best to promote your resort. I really feel priviledges to experience all these and to know you all in person. Especially Mr. Denis Rayen.


NameEvan Galbraith
Posted on13/11/2012
CommentsA hidden gem. A spot this incredible is sure to become a world renowned tourist destination. The landscape is beautiful, the nature is pure, the bridges are amazing, and the hospitality here at the resort is the best I have experienced in my travels through India. Please, please, please keep the nearby Ummunoi Bridge as an undeveloped jungle path- journeying down it was a real highlight, and the stumbling upon the bridge in the deep jungle growth was one of the more memorable moments in over 5 months of travels. The long bridge and the double-decker are also incredible human achievements of limitless ingenuity; And from the resort are situated perfectly. The canyoning was a great blend of a challenging phisical workout, adventure and connecting with the serene nature of the area. Yet another trip highlight. And when I was tired the day after, the resort provides a perfect spot for relaxation.The strong organisation, the community involvement, and the genuine sense of caring will ensure Cherrapunjee Holiday Resort is even more successful as this area gains worldwide repute. For now, you do a terrific job as the ambassador for the area ans all it holds.
Thanks for the great experience.


NameSomit Aich & family
Posted on04-Jan-11
PlaceSAIL, Bhilai, Chattisgarh
CommentsCherrapunjee rocks! That’s what immediately comes to my mind. Mind boggling limestone caves (the best I have seen), the fab climate  and the oh! so good hills. Lovely. Reminds me of Robert frost – oh the woods are lovely dark and deep and there are miles before I sleep. The trekking was what seed like do, but only while we were climbing up. The root bridge is awesome and again the best I have ever seen—this time though because there are at none other place in the world. Cherra rocks.
And coming to the resort, I can bet many more shall have my recommendation- awesome!!! Away from the city, atop the wonderful hilltop amidst the serene jungles. I would definitely love to come back.
The hospitality is real home like—its indeed a home away from home—the dining table, the bonfire it all makes up such a family environment that only has to be seen to to be believed.
A real ideal destination for those who love nature and life—Cherra rocks
And Cherrapunjee Holiday Resort rocks eve more.
Would love to come back again and again. With lots of love and laughter.


NameDorothy Elton & Walter Prokopin
Posted on06-Jan-10
CommentsBeautiful mountains and fresh air- walks to the very impressive root bridges (the wire bridges too!) and of course walking through the local villages made for a most agreeable stop for Wally and I. Thanks to Rita for delicious tea in her shop in Mustoh. Also Lum village was a great example of productive organic vegetable farming (cattle dung is the ‘only’ fertilizer used I hear- Great!)As for Cherrapunjee Resort – you have created a comfy, kindly oasis. Your family and attentive staff makes every effort to make a homely, neighbourly atmosphere.
The food from your kitchen is delicious and I enjoyed the local music gathering in the evening. (Building ‘connections’ with local community is a good thing.)Thanks for a fine time indeed. I sensed a ‘human feeling’ here  which makes the world a better place.


NameAniruan Chaudhuri
Posted on26-Dec-09
Comments The experience was just mind blowing. The beautiful nature outside just complimented the warmth and the hospitality we experienced inside. My comments can be summarised in form of a series of thanks.
– For superb rooms- made us very comfortable
– For the good food and service – we had our fill of it
– For not having TV in the rooms – we talked to each other
– For not having a clock in the room – we forgot routine.
– For the superb musical show- We danced to the tune.
– For the Christmas party- we celebrated to the hilt.And finally, thanks for making a lasting contribution to the lives of so many in and around this place.
Wish to come back. again and go for the trek we missed this time.


NameKaj, Tove, Besta, Mette & Simon
Posted on 21-Feb-2009
CommentsThank you for all the wonderful week at the resort. We were looking for a place for our daughter to play and we could relax away from the usual crowded Indian cities. And that was exactly what we found. We all enjoyed the good food and will try some of the recipes at home. The service was excellent and we feel we should pay something extra for the 5 nannies who played with our daughter everyday and gave her goodies in the kitchen. Of course the natural beauty of the place, the sweet oranges and fairytales like root bridges also are a great experience as did the warm hearted hospitality of the people around here. Hope you will continue to do your important & preservative work here.


NameDave Stamboulis
Posted on26-Apr-08
PlaceBangtok, Thailand
CommentsThe trek back from the Double Decker Bridge is a GRUNT. But the swimming pools are worth it even more then the bridge & the villages. You will be in the most silent & pristine place in India! Lots of great home cooked food at the resort and a very nice place to forget about the madness on the plains below. Wishing you all the very best of success with your local village tourism efforts.


NamePeter Jeschke
Posted on08-Jan-07
PlaceMontecito, CA, USA
CommentsWhat a wonderful discovery! We came for the day and ended up spending the night. Our gracious hosts worked overtime to get our room’s construction projects finished. A grand walk down many steps to a Living Root Bridge. An evening stroll through the village. A morning walk to a tea shop in Mawshamok, watching the clouds bank over Bangladesh out one window and the sun filling the deep green gorge out the other window. Such peace and quiet except for the jungle birds. We’ll be back.


NameMelanie Horridge
Posted on10-Apr-07
PlaceSouthport, England, UK.
Comments All the stresses and strains of backpacking in India and Bangladesh, melt away on arriving and exploring this beautiful area. The Scot Trail is worthwhile if the steep walks get too much. Also the new tarmac road is a great walk to view the ‘rock garden’ and Bangladesh. If you want lots of cheese in your sandwich, ask for “English Sandwich”. The salads are great whether fruit with curd, or vegetable salad. The root bridges are a must, a guide is recommended but not absolutely necessary. I will return in the beginning of April in some years to come. When the rains come first is probably the best time as the steep step walks are not slippery. Last, but not least, a special big thank you to Carmela and Denis – also the staff – for the most enjoyable part of my 3 month travels


NameMr.Shashidhar P.Bhave,Mr.Gopal V. Lele,Mr.Madhukar N. Joshi,Mr.Digambar H. Shool, Mr.Parshram G. Bha
Posted on07-Nov-06
PlaceMaharashtra, India
Comments We have enjoyed our stay very much. Everything was looked after by both of you very minutely.The arrangement made for the treks was excellent. If the guides are more conversant with Hindi & English it will add value to the treks. They should be able to explain about the trees, any myths about the place etc.The food served here is good. Staff is friendly, polite & hospitable.We will remember the stay for a long time. We wish you every success. Our group is visiting all seven states in this tour.Now you can add to your experience that people from our country (Maharashtra) within the age group of 63 to 75 have successfully completed the two Living Root Bridge treks easily.Yours
Mr.Shashidhar P.Bhave – 72 years YOUNG
Mobile 094210 – 16186
Mr.Gopal V. Lele – 75 years YOUNG
Mr.Madhukar N. Joshi – 70 years YOUNG
Phone (020) 2426 8141
Mr.Digambar H. Shool – 70 years YOUNG
Phone (020) 2422 2892
Mr.Parshram G. Bhave – 63 years YOUNG
Phone (020) 2546 4870A Word from us at CHR:In the last six years of operation, this has been the first group of elders that we have encountered here in our work who were really young in their body and mind. Their indomitable spirit needs to be imbibed by the younger generation, the middle aged and the elderly. Theirs is an example for those who are bogged down by their self exaggerated physical infirmities and shackled in chains of their own making. These elders had retired from their jobs, but have not retired from their lives and were making the best of their age. It had been my privilege to personally take them on a new trail involving a climb down hill of about 2000 feet plus and up, and down and up two vales, covering a distance of 18 to 20 km. I was amazed at the lack of complaining despite one of them finding the climb a bit hard on him. They were not eager to take breaks, but were pushing ahead on and on. On reaching the top after a five and half hour trek, though they were exhausted, they were ready to start on their journey to Guwahati by vehicle (100 km that takes 3 hours) immediately after a cup of tea and light snacks. We will remember for our lifetime such great people. I am putting up this note because we have seen many young people (domestic tourists) who have complained bitterly even to do the moderate trek to the nearest Living Root Bridge. May these energetic elders remain an inspiration to many. Denis P.Rayen


Posted on03-Aug-06
PlaceMichigan, USA
CommentsThank you very much for your welcome and hospitality. Building a resort here is a wonderful idea, it is so beautiful, serene, calm and peaceful. We loved the yellow signs that led up to the resort, it made the way here quite entertaining. The hike to the double root bridge was magnificient, although not the safest during this time of the year. Thank you though for encouraging us to visit those places. We had wonderful guides – Bah Edil & Bah Ris, they were wonderful, thoughtful and entertaining people. – we are thankful for the opportunity to get to know them. Please extend our wishes and gratitude to them. The food and service was so good. Your staff members are so helpful and warm. Please convey our gratitude to them as well. We wish you the very best, we hope that more people will come to know and appreciate this corner of the world. (Also thank you for your effort to keep this place so clean) Thank you very much.P.S. Thank you also to the individuals who expressed concern over me being sick. That really helped me to feel at home.


NameNia & Ellie Jervis
Posted on16-Nov-05
PlaceEngland and Wales, UK
Comments To all, After spending 9 months now in India, we take our retreats where we can & here certainly soothed our souls. So peaceful friendly community & very comfortable and enjoyable stay. From Wales, I didn’t expect to find the connection I did here to my own country. I thank Denis for the excellent read “Through the Green Door” – an educated read. The staff, Denis & his wife are in the right business, ‘Excellent hospitality’. If I were to make one suggestion, it would be to cater for the ‘budget traveler’ like Nia & I, who would have stayed longer if we could have afforded it, supply a much cheaper room. Many thanks to you all. We take something away, very special from our stay here.Best of Luck & Fond Wishes.


NameTaru Terao
Posted on13-Aug-05
PlaceKyoto University, Kyoto, Japan
CommentsSo beautiful place here! I am a researcher of rainfall. This place is a kind of mother of rainfalls. I hear that the meaning of Meghalaya is ‘the house of clouds’. So, I shall come here again and again to explore the mechanism of formation of clouds, Thank you for excellent accommodation and foods for us. See you again.


NameMartin Kramolis & Michaela NovàKovà
Posted on03-Nov-04
PlacePrague, Czech Republic
Comments Despite of my previous entry on departure, when we saw beautiful scenery on the way to Cherrapunjee we realized that we can’t leave this nice area before completion of one or more serious trek. So we came back for two nights more and enjoyed a whole day trek. We went down the valley directly from the Resort and reached a very picturesque river. Then we followed the river downstream, did lot of jumps from stone to stone and also some swimming with our backpacks tied on our heads. We also did some easier climbing. We have seen not only fishes, birds, frogs and spiders, but also one couple of nice leopards. At the end of the day, we found very steep trek to the village on the top of the mountain. We happily completed this adventurous trip with headlights. All adventurous souls, please contact Mr. Denis for details. It’s definitely worth to go there. It was the best place in the first travel of India – It was excellent! Thanks for kind hospitality, Mr. Denis and his family.


NameAlpana & Nitu Phukan
Posted on27-Sep-04
PlaceR.G. Barua Road, Guwahati
CommentsIt has been an amazing stay in this picturesque village in the midst of clouds! The hospitality and warmth of Denis & Carmela Rayen have indeed touched our hearts. Your endeavour to bring about awareness in the village folk is highly commendable. It was a lovely 25th anniversary spent. – Thanks a ton.




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