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How it is here today

14th October 2019

The winter ambience is setting in. Today the sky is clear blue with a few cloud puffs in the northern and eastern horizon, The Sun is shining bright and strong. Visibility across the hills and in to the valley is good. The visibility over the plains of Bangladesh is less with haze in the atmosphere. The Cicadas are whining away.  Usually the return phase of the Monsoon gives us a few showers in the first fortnight of October. We have not received any till today. There has been rain in the last week in Shillong but not here. Evenings have started to become chilly and it is getting dark by about 05:00 pm.

The wild chestnut trees have shed their leaves and the branches are looking barren, The tips of the branches are already showing stubbles. These trees amaze me every year. These trees are usually covered in thick foliage with dense large leaves. When they start shedding their leaves they tend to loose all leaves very fast. They remain barren branches for about two weeks. By that time stubbles start appearing in the tips of the branches. As you keep watching them grow over a matter of few days they soon burst out into tiny clusters of leaves. Within another week the trees are full again with leaves dense and fresh green. Thereafter the tender branches grow to produce flowers on a stem which stand erect as decorated candles, These flowers last for a month or so. We have a tree within our premises and some around. Come and admire them.


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