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How it is here today

20th September 2017

It had started raining from the evening of yesterday. Last night it rained through the night. We had good showers.  For a while the clouds parted and we could get a view of the village, the valley and the hills. It started raining again from about 09:00 am. We are now enveloped in the clouds and the distant view of the hills and the plains of Bangladesh is screened off. The waterfalls are having good flow of water. Nohkalikai and Dainthlen waterfalls are having good flow of water. It is thrilling to see the waterfalls leaping off the cliff edges and cascading over the hills. The free falling water of Nohkalikai is amazing to watch as streaks of foaming while water are racing down. Kshaid (Waterfall) Khapnar below village Ramdait that is seen from the Resort is having a steady stream of water flowing.  It has rained this year 10757.7 mm till today morning. I saw many dragon flies darting around yesterday before the rains started in the evening.

I feel a nip in the air today morning. The Sun is not allowed by the thick cloud cover to make its presence felt. It is time to see the migratory birds soon passing through the hills. In the nights many moths have started to gather around lights. September month is the season for moths. Many types of Beetles have started showing up.

The time for Angling is here. During Angling season, Anglers come from Shillong and other places to do angling in the rivers and streams at the foot hills. Still it is very warm in the foot hills.


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