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28th April 2018

Today the Sun rose to a cloudless sky and had been shining bright and strong. There is mild haze in the atmosphere. Today was a warm day.

This year’s rainfall account has been opened with an initial rain of 21.2 mm on 26th February morning at 04:30 hours. Rainfall received in February 2018 was 21.2 mm and in March 2018 114..2 mm.  Till date this year we have received 461.2 mm of rainfall. So far we have been getting rain less than the average in the last four months. Last year, 2017 we had received total annual rainfall of 12041.9 mm, which was above the 45 year (1973-2017) average annual rainfall of 11705.6 mm.

Some travel websites are trying to woo custom by announcing in their website that it rains every day of the year at Cherrapunjee. Nothing can be far from the truth. We get rain only for about 8 months in a year, for about 200 days in a year and about two thirds of it is delivered at night.

The wild chestnut trees thick with foliage are holding up in their erect flower stems with nuts in the place of flowers.  The nuts take long to grow big.  Many roses, some orchids and some other flowering plants are in bloom now. The jack fruit in the tree in our garden have already started growing in size. They will grow big gradually and ripen by the month of May. The forest floor is littered with dead leaves and twigs shaken off by the strong winds. Nature’s way to wring out the old and ring in the new.

We have impressive sunsets, with the sky turning to different hues of red and gets accentuated when clouds populate the horizon.  I used to enjoy these sun sets every day after we complete the construction work for the day. We have now created a look out cum sit out to enjoy the scenic beauty of the valley and the plains of Bangladesh and these mesmerizing sunsets.  Thanks and Praise for a beautiful day received to be lived, as night draws a curtain, comes to the lips as you amaze at the creation.

We have many treks around us that you can explore and enjoy while your body gets toned up. It is interesting to see nature at close quarters as you walk through our jungles, traverse the rivers in River Canyoning trips (November to February) that are exhilarating and exhausting too and explore our underground Limestone Caves. We have soft, medium and challenging treks that can be done according to your fitness level and the challenge level that you are ready to take up. I did a challenging trek on the 12th April going down hill through rain forests, limestone karst areas, by dry stream beds till the foot hills and a flat plain walking of about 6 km and in total a good walking of over 16 km taking more than 5 hours of solid walking along with M/s Oshank, Harshit and Mohit from Insane Travellers. The trek is rated as a good jungle trek and is recommended for people who would love to enjoy a challenging trek. The walk through karst areas require little care. I heard many birds in the middle of the jungle during the treks. We explored about a hundred feet into a Cave that we encountered before we reached the foot hills. The entrance is large and the cave floor drops down sharply to encounter a stream passage that was having water.

We did a Trek Recce on the 25th and 26th April 2018. We went down to the foothills of our hill, crossed the river by a foot bridge and climbed the Mawsynram hill range, stayed overnight at Lawbah, did some kayaking and zip lining at Mawlyngbna on the 26th morning and started our trek from the top of the hill through the valley through Village Tynger and Village Dewsaw and did a jungle trail along the river to reach Village Nongnong Shella. It was a trek of over 6 hours uphill under a hot sun on the 25th April and a trail of over 7 hours under a cloudy sky on the 26th April involving good trekking down hill  from Phlang Sinai to Dewsaw and thereafter after some distance from the village negotiating perilous walks along steep forested slopes on trails hardly a foot wide with only our mobile torch lights. We ended up exhausted at 09:15 pm at the pick up point. If we had started earlier we could have finished the trek in day light. Over all it was a good challenging trek and not for the weak hearted.

We build bonfires in the evening to sit around and socialize with guests from across the world. Our youth from the village perform music in the evenings. People enjoy dancing to their beat.

At night we can normally see the lights in the villages on the opposite hills clearly and also the lights in the villages and towns in Bangladesh plains and the boundary lights along the international border as seen from the Resort. The visibility improved a lot after the strong winds that had dispersed the haze and the rains. I could see the lights in the villages on the opposite hills and in the plains of Bangladesh. One can see the Boundary lights along the Indo-Bangladesh border below from the Resort at about a height of 3000 feet after it gets dark.



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