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23rd November 2017

These days the morning skies are bereft of clouds. Mornings and Evenings have started to become much colder. Morning Sun rises to a cloudless sky but as the day progresses clouds start populating the sky.  The haze in the atmosphere has screened off Mawsynram range and Mawsahew hill is seen behind a screen of haze.  The distant visibility across the plains of Bangladesh was reduced much because of the haze. About sunset time, the clouds start dispersing. Night sky is usually clear with the stars shining bright adding charm to the growing or waning moonlight.  The total rainfall received till date this year adds up to 11990.9 mm which has crossed the last 44 year average rainfall (11697.9 mm) at Cherrapunjee.

As you drive down from Shillong, notice along the road sides a tree in blossom with pink flowers. Most of these trees have shed their leaves and are decked in their pink glory. They stand apart from their green leaved brethren.  Early in the morning you can see ground frost in and around Mylliem Village. The grass bushes look glistening white with frost covering the blades and the drooping tips holding white pearls.  The hills along the deep gorges leading to Cherrapunjee are covered by blooming Rhododendrons. The bunches of light pink flowers against the back drop of the lush green leaves are a delightful sight. Don’t fail to look out for them when you drive down to Cherrapunjee (Sohra). Many wild plants have started blooming.  The jungles resound with the sound of chirping insects.

With the monsoon season over and winter taking strides into November, the grassy mountain tops are changing colour from lush green to different shades of brown as the top of the mountains are getting drier and the grass start dying. The bushes in the depressions and the forests on the mountain slopes are keeping up the green of the mountains. The waterfalls have started thinning out. It has started to get cold in the upper reaches of the plateau at night though it is still pleasant during the day while the sun is beaming over the hills.

Yellow Orchids are in bloom in our garden. You can see them blooming in many of the household gardens in our village. The knobby barren branches of the wild chestnut tree more than a fortnight back are fully decked up with fresh green leaves. They tips of the branches with the new leaves have already started sprouting flower stems standing erect.  It is interesting to watch this tree as it is at its fastest pace of growth.  At this stage the tree seems to grow very fast. It is amazing to notice the speed at which these trees turn from barren branches to be fully decked with fresh green leaves. These trees have thick foliage and the branches spread out. After the trees are full with new leaves the tips of branches start sprouting stems with many tiny flowers. They look attractive with the flower stems in bloom standing upright against the thick lush green leaves of the tree. After a few months, a few nuts start forming in the flower stems. The nuts take long to grow big. The hazelnut tree in our garden is decked with stems of light green flower stems. I understand that during this time the flower stems though in full bloom do not lead to formation of the hazel nuts.

The strident sound of Cicadas is not there any more. I find many of them dead than alive at this time of their last stage of existence. Still occasionally you can hear a Cicada whining away but they are no more continuous and insistent in their whining.

We have impressive sunsets during winter months, with the sky turning to different hues of red and gets accentuated when clouds populate the horizon. I used to enjoy these sun sets every day after we complete the construction work for the day. We have now created a look out cum sit out to enjoy the scenic beauty of the valley and the plains of Bangladesh and these mesmerizing sunsets. Thanks and Praise for a beautiful day received to be lived, as night draws a curtain, comes to the lips as you amaze at the creation.

At night we can see the lights in the villages on the opposite hills clearly and also the lights in the villages and towns in Bangladesh plains and the boundary lights along the international border as seen from the Resort.



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