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We are less than 5 km from Bangladesh. The nearest border entry point, however is at Tamabil / Dawki that is 35 km from us as the crow flies. By road, however, Dawki is 106 km away. The drive is really breathtaking right from Pynursla, the town lying enroute as you reach the top of the hill.

Quite a few international flights land at Dhaka. One can take the daily hopping flight from Dhaka to Sylhet or the train to Sylhet. Luxury Volvo buses leave Dhaka for Sylhet every hour from Greenline Coach Service, Dhaka.

You should have Indian visa to enter India and should have paid the departure tax (currently Takka 500/= per person) to Bangladesh Government at The Sonali Bank or Janata Bank. It is easier to pay the Departure Tax at Sonali Bank, Motijheel branch. There is no Bank branch near the border to pay the Departure Tax. Sonali Bank, Jaintiapur Branch is about 15 kms from the border and about 1 km to the interior from Sylhet-Tamabil Road. One good point about this branch is that it is open all 365 days of the year for accepting payment of Departure Tax. It is easier to pay it up at Dhaka or wherever it is convenient for you. Usually border crossing formalities consume 2 to 3 hours while entering and hardly 10 minutes when returning. So, it is advisable to have a book handy to gainfully occupy yourselves when waiting to complete these formalities. We hope both the governments take necessary initiatives to reduce the time taken for tourists to cross the land border without much delay and hassles.


Of late, I am hearing, that it is much faster than earlier to get across this border. If you arrive at the Tamabil border late in the evening, especially in a group, the immigration and customs officials on Bangladesh side may not process your passport and visa to let you get through the border.

Dawki is a coal exporting point choked with smoke emitting overloaded coal trucks. If you are lucky you may get taxies going to Shillong at the Indian Customs Office itself. You can take a local taxi or walk up a kilometre or so to Dawki market area, where you can get Shuttle Sumos to Shillong. One can hire these Sumos to reach the Resort. The Resort is 106 km by road though the aerial distance between Dawki and the Resort will be hardly 25 km.


Pick Up from the border

If you want to be picked up from the border, we can arrange to send a vehicle to pick you up from the Indian Customs Office at Dawki and also arrange for drop back to the border on your way back. It takes about 3 hours by road from the Dawki border to the Resort.

Tea_Shop_Pynursla_1In case you want to beat the heat of the plains with a cold beer, you have some wine shops in the market area. Take a break at Pynursla town enroute, to stretch your legs and to have a bite at one of the traditional Khasi Tea Stalls in the market area. Notice how our young girls at these shops keep the cooking vessels and tea pots sparkling. They always have a charming smile on their faces.

We accept some Foreign Currencies

We accept payment in US Dollars, British Pounds, Euros and Yens. It is also possible to accept Australian and Canadian Dollars, but the banks take bigger margin on them when they exchange. We get current exchange rates from our bank, internet or the local newspapers. We are not able to accept Bangladeshi Takka since there is no facility with our Bank to exchange the same.


For any help you can mail us at [email protected] or phone 0r SMS us at (+91)94361-15925, (+91)96153-38500, (+91)98630-79856.


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