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List of Birds Spotted Here

Birds Spotted in March 2007

This list includes all birds identified by me (Stefan Ericsson, Ekologi, milijö och geovetenskap, Umeå Universitet, SE – 901 87 Umeå, Sweden) near Laitkynsew and along the road between Laitkynsew and Mawmluh during the period 15-20 march 2007. The sequence and names follow Grimmett, Inskipp & Inskipp 2001: Birds of the Indian subcontinent (Helm, London). In other books, some birds might have different names.

Under “Status” I have tried to analyze the probable status of the individuals I have seen of each species, i.e. if they were likely to represent resident [R], wintering [W] or migrants [M]. For many altitudinal migrants, the status is difficult to judge, since both resident and wintering individuals might be present.

Under “Notes” I have given additional remarks of some species, mostly rarer or less encountered ones. In this column, “Low” indicates that the species was seen along the trail to the root bridge below Laitkynsew, “High” that the bird was seen along the steep part of the road below Mawmluh.


Scientific nameEnglish NameStatusNotes
Arborophila atrogularisWhite-cheeked PartridgeRLow. Two seen crossing path.
Lophura leucomelaenosKalij PheasantRAt least two above the Pony Trail.
Sasia ochraceaWhite-browed PiculetRTwo seen in bamboo. Low and high.
Celeus brachyurusRufous WoodpeckerR
Hemicircus canenteHeart-spotted WoodpeckerRLow. A single female.
Dendrocopus maceiFulvous-breasted WoodpeckerR
Picus chlorolophusLesser YellownapeR
Picus xanthopygaeusStreak-throated WoodpeckerR
Picus canusGrey-headed WoodpeckerR
Chrysocolaptes lucidusGreater FlamebackR
Megalaima virensGreat BarbetR
Megalaima lineataLineated BarbetR
Megalaima frankliniiGolden-throated BarbetR
Megalaima asiaticaBlue-throated BarbetRVery common, heard almost constantly.
Megalaima australisBlue-eared BarbetR
Anthracoceros albirostrisOriental Pied HornbillRTwo spotted far below from road near Mawshamok.
Upupa epopsCommon HoopoeM?Birds found singly might have been residents, but a band of a dozen (high) indicates migrating individuals.
Harpactes erythrocephalusRed-headed TrogonRHigh.
Coracias benghalensisIndian RollerRMawmluh.
Eurystomus orientalisDollarbirdRRidge Path.
Halcyon smyrnensisWhite-throated KingfisherRLow.
Nyctyornis athertoniBlue-bearded Bee-eaterR
Hierococcyx sparverioidesLarge Hawk CuckooROne heard from near Mawshamok.
Cuculus sp.Cuckoo (not identified)?Cuckoos of this genus are very difficult when not calling.
Cacomantis merulinusPlaintive CuckooR
Phaenicophaeus tristisGreen-billed MalkohaRHigh.
Loriculus vernalisVernal Hanging ParrotR
Psittacula finschiiGrey-headed ParakeetR
Psittacula roseataBlossom-headed ParakeetR
Psittacula alexandriRed-breasted ParakeetR
Collocalia brevirostrisHimalayan SwiftletR
Hirundapus giganteusBrown-backed NeedletailR
Apus acuticaudaDark-rumped SwiftRA rare species which I found unexpectedly frequent. Seen several times, and a large concentration near cliffs close to the summit.
Otus suniaOriental Scops OwlROne heard 1 km back from the resort.
Otus bakkamoenaCollared Scops OwlRAt least two heard near the resort.
Bubo coromandusDusk Eagle OwlROne individual spotted hiding from Lumwahkrem road in broad daylight.
Ducula badiaMountain Imperial PigeonR
Streptopelia orientalisOriental Turtle DoveWMawmluh.
Streptopelia chinensisSpotted DoveR
Macropygia unchallBarred Cuckoo DoveRPony Trail.
Chalcophaps indicaEmerald DoveR
Treron curvirostraThick-billed Green PigeonR
Treron phoenicopteraYellow-footed Green PigeonRLow.
Treron apicaudaPin-tailed Green PigeonRLow.
Tringa glareolaWood SandpiperM?One by the stream beyond the cement factory in Mawmluh.
Aviceda leuphotesBlack BazaROne seen.


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