Photography & Painting

IMG_1263Cherrapunjee Holiday Resort is ideally located on Laitkynsew Hill Top in one of the most scenic places in the world.

As one proceeds from the Bay of Bengal over the flood plains of Bangladesh crisscrossed by many rivers and streams, the Khasi Hills abruptly erupt out of these flat plains. The Khasi Hills deflect the uninterrupted flow of the pregnant moisture laden clouds of the Indian Summer Monsoon blown from the Bay of Bengal and cause record downpours along the southern fringes of these near vertical South Khasi Hills.

The low flying, fluffy monsoon clouds are swept over the hills and channelled through the deep valleys creating beautiful sceneries that will thrill any nature photographer. The monsoon clouds embracing the hills and uncovering the beauty of the freshly washed rainforests and the numerous throbbing silvery white waterfalls will give you many enchanting opportunities to capture the unrivalled beauty of nature with your camera, honed by your picture composing skills.

The heavy downpours give birth to numerous streams and rivers that leap off these near perpendicular hills in free abandon in a time stopping motion. The waterfalls become very beautiful to watch and can be captured in different states, while in spate, in full flow, as they thin out to normal flow after a lapse of time from the rain event. The rivers and streams provide excellent photo ops.

The forests are populated by many varied species of plant life, animal and insect lives. If you wish to photograph our butterflies and moths we have perhaps a hundred or more varieties of both. We have birds that are typical to these places. Since these birds are shy of humans, extra effort is required to get them photographed.

Cherrapunjee 30th Oct 2007 018

If Painting is your passion, this place provides varied landscapes and subjects to paint undisturbed. You are certain to come back again and again to capture the terrain, the waterfalls, rivers and streams, nature in action as the monsoon clouds embrace these hills, the people, animals, birds, insects and the flora and the sunsets in your brushes and depict them on canvas.

I noticed one young lady coming to have breakfast everyday at Orange Roots in her Scooty. I talked to her and discovered that she was a Painter. Ms. Inessa Garder from Novosibirsk, Russia came and stayed with us at the Resort in March 2021. She gifted us a beautiful painting of the contrasting landscape. She was very much impressed by the Scenic Views and the People and made many paintings which she would take on to a large canvas when she is back in her Studio in Europe.

Start packing your Camera and accessories and your Painting kit right away.