The Legend of Ramhah

Excerpt from the article “Notes on the Kasia Hills, and People” by Lt. Henry Yule, the Bengal Engineers (Sir Henry Yule, the Geographer): Published in the Journal of the Asiatic Society of Bengal Vol. XIV Part II – July to December, 1844

On the road from Cherra to Jaintia is a singular ravine, some 600 yards in length, and 80 feet in depth, with sides remarkably even, and regularly parallel. The far end is closed by a round knoll. This, it is said, was the archery ground of three heroes of old, Ramha, Nonorrop, and Pangnorrop. I asked if there were giants then in old times ? The good man answered, that he could not speak as to their height, but they were “Bara mota wala,” exceedingly stout.

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